Impact Laboratory

A research center specialized in biomechanics and road safety

The Impact Laboratory is a worldwide leading laboratory specialized in Impact Biomechanics. It is located 105 km from the town of Zaragoza, in the Technopark of Motorland Racing Track, in the village of Alcañiz (Teruel province). The laboratory was established in its present configuration in 2015, evolving from a previously existing facility. It covers a total surface area of more than 1,500 m2. The laboratory is affiliated with the University of Zaragoza through the Aragón Institute of Engineering Research (I3A), and the Aragon Regional Government.

The laboratory boasts a wide variety of specialized equipment for the development of impact tests, data recording, and analysis. This equipment includes a 50-meter sled, a drop tower for helmet testing, auxiliary equipment for helmet testing, pneumatic cannons for barrier and track protection characterization, sensors and data acquisition systems, a prep-room for conditioning biological samples and post-test analysis, VICON and high-speed cameras, a tensile test machine, a salt fog chamber, headforms, and other anthropomorphic devices, MOI measuring machine, etc.

A significant portion of the Impact Laboratory's activities focuses on conducting destructive impact tests on systems and components that affect the safety of automobiles, their occupants, and other road users (motorcyclists, pedestrians, etc.). The Impact Laboratory also has facilities adapted for research tests in the field of impact biomechanics, and we collaborate with different entities to develop technological solutions that improve safety in motorsports and sustainability in the motorcycling world.

Our mission is to become a world reference in providing services related to road safety through scientific studies, research, and experimental tests, for both external clients seeking safety solutions for their teams, and for the internal interests of the University of Zaragoza.